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Team Formation Page

Page history last edited by Alan Liu 6 years, 4 months ago

Please use this page as a bulletin board to assist the class in forming teams.


  1. Propose a possible project idea next to your name
  2. Use the "Also interested in this project" column to add your name next to anyone else's idea in which you might be interested.
  3. Use the "Comment" column to make additional suggestions about an idea.
  4. We can also use the "General Areas or Themes Represented by the Project Idea" column to indicate broad areas of interest that might overlap between project ideas. (Note: Alan will start to label some of the general themes tentatively to see if we can spot areas of common interest).


Teams that have formed:

  • Team 1 -- Malire Lozada, MacKenzie Peddy, Jessica Prado, Kyle Spears
  • Team 2 -- Karina Lucero-Aleman, Rosalie Moreno, Juliet Way-Henthorne
  • Team 3 -- Kayla Duffey, Jack Kilgore, Alex Rodberg, Emily Schwab, Chad Thodos
  • Team 4 -- Noelle Ferrer, Shelley Kim, Vighnesh Sridhar, Nicholas Pfister




Project Idea 

Also Interested in this project idea

(add your name)


(give your name when making a comment)

General Areas or Themes Represented by the Project Idea

(labeled by Alan unless otherwise indicated; please feel free to revise the labels)

Kayla Duffey         
Noelle Ferrer         
Jack Kilgore  Analyze correlations between counter culture and pop culture.     Popular culture/general culture (labeled by Alan)
Shelley Kim         
Malire Lozada         
Karina Lucero-Aleman  interested in machine writing, AI, intersectional feminism, and anything to do with black mirror. I think that looking into twitter bots, sophia the robot, or POC writing would create really interesting outcomes.  Rosalie Moreno  Team 2 initial idea, version 3 

intersectional feminism

machine writing

POC writing with a focus on intersectional feminism 

Rosalie Moreno 

anything with sci-fi / speculative stuff so like AI, Virtual Reality, Robots etc.

Genres: sci-fi, speculative, horror, coming of age, thriller, mystery, 80's/90's

Also: intersectional feminism vs. white feminism, writing by women / other underrepresented minorities, 90's portrayal of women/ the teenage girl, social media activism 

Emily Schwab  Team 2 initial idea, version 2 
  • Intersectional feminism 
  • Gender issues 
  • POC writing 
  • Underrepresented identities
  • Sci-fi 
  • Futuristic Technology 
Mackenzie Peddy  Investigation into how criminals talk, possibly through an analysis of court transcripts and interviews. I'm thinking more serious crimes in order to narrow down the scope and to see if any common abnormalities pop out. 


Jessica Prado

Malire Lozada

Team 1 initial idea 



Nick Pfister         
Jessica Prado  Analyzing court cases through looking at the court transcripts, something having to do with criminal justice. The use of language.      
Alex Rodberg  I think it would be interesting to examine cult films and the chronology of their success from box-office to present day or cross compare the color palettes of each film. Going off that, it'd be fun to cross compare the color palettes used by famous directors or genres. Also interested in: novel-to-film adaptations, film/tv, diction in lyrics, feminism, early R&B, criminology

Emily Schwab 

Nick Pfister

Team 3 initial idea, version 1 

(labeled by Alan): 

  • film/tv
  • novels
  • music
  • feminism 
Emily Schwab  I liked the idea of examining cult films/tv, possibly the iconography of each, like Shelley's idea of looking at the fan groups who enjoy said film/tv; maybe examining a writer/director's filmography (e.g. Tarantino's works, Wes Anderson's works); in the same vein, maybe examining a specific genre for motifs/iconography; other stuff I like: 

novels, sci-fi, feminism, pop culture, fantasy, 80's movies, representation in media, etc.

Alex Rodberg 

Kayla Duffey

Team 3 initial idea, version 2  

(labeled by Alan): 

  • film/tv
  • genre films or cult/fan genres 
  • sci-fi
  • novels
  • women's/feminist/gender issues
  • popular culture 
Kyle Spears         
Vighnesh Sridhar         
Chad Thodos         
Juliet Way-Henthorne  (broadly) explore relationship btw social media and intersectional feminism, Women's March, #MeToo, OR reproductive rights in Trump era// also interested in topics relating to female depictions of AI (in reality, film, or literature) // rise of indie horror film or recirculation of cult sci-fi (open to variations of any of the above)

Karina Lucero 

Rosalie Moreno

Team 2 initial idea, version 1

(labeled by Alan): 

  • women's/feminist/gender issues
  • film
  • sci-fi & horror genres





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